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With years of experience in corporate defense, Mr. Thornley has identified the need for a more personalized and attentive approach to legal representation. At large corporate firms, clients may not always receive the attention and dedication their cases deserve.

These firms often employ salaried attorneys who are burdened with an overwhelming number of cases. As a result, clients may feel like just another file in a stack, rather than being given the care and consideration they deserve. To put this into perspective, public defenders in Arizona typically handle between 35 to 45 cases, while attorneys at large firms are often assigned between 120 to 150 cases. It is evident that, in some instances, clients may receive better attention from a public defender than from an overworked attorney at a large firm.

At our firm, we prioritize a different approach. Clients have direct access to Mr. Thornley and can be confident that their case will receive the utmost attention. Our primary objective is to deliver the results you need, demonstrating genuine care for your situation.

Mr. Thornley has built a reputation for successfully representing clients in a variety of criminal matters. He has skillfully navigated clients through serious charges, including murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and serious sex crimes, among others. His experience spans from misdemeanor cases to serious felonies with potential life sentences. With first chair trial experience in courtrooms throughout Arizona, Mr. Thornley is committed to providing you with the dedicated legal representation you deserve.

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