Felony Crimes

Felony Crimes

In Arizona Felonies are classified from 1 to 6. A class 1 has the worst consequences while a class 6 has the least bad consequences.

Sentencing under Arizona law is complicated. Sentencing is further complicated when a person has prior felonies, is on probation at the time of a new offense or is on release when committing a new offense.

Arizona’s Sentencing Guidelines

  • Arizona’s sentencing guidelines get extremely harsh when a person is facing their second or third felony. Arizona can hold a person non-bondable if they commit a new offense while on release from a pending felony offense.
  • For many first-time offenses a person can be probation eligible, but the State might still ask for prison time. In these instances, it can save you years of your life to have an effective advocate on your side.
  • In some instances, it is possible to negotiate a Class 6 open felony. A class 6 open essentially means that the felony you plead to is not yet designated a felony for the rest of a person’s life and has the opportunity to have the felony designated a misdemeanor.
  • In certain circumstances, it is also possible to for an experienced attorney to secure a dismissal through a process of diversion. Diversion is a program that gives a person the possibility of earning a dismissal by completing a personalized program that may include counseling, restitution, or any number of tasks.
Mr. Thornley has been successful in securing diversion for many clients over the years.

When the State has demanded prison time, Mr. Thornley has been successful in getting the state to back off and give probation.
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