Criminal Defence

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense in Arizona is a complicated area of law that requires an experienced practitioner. You can’t take chances when your freedom is on the line. It is never smart to try and navigate the criminal court process on your own.

Arizona does not recognize a right to an attorney in every situation. This means that you may not be given a public defender even if you qualify for one. Additionally, Arizona doesn’t recognize a right for a person to have an attorney present at an initial appearance. It is shocking given that several very important factors take place at your initial appearance including:

The Judge will determine if you will be released from custody and if you will be released, whether there are conditions.

  • The Judge can release you on your own recognizance
  • The judge can order a bond, either cash or secured
  • The judge can order release to pretrial services
  • The judge can order that you are non-bondable (meaning you will not get out of jail)
  • Or the judge can order a mixture of the above

The judge will also make a determination as to probable cause to each charge you are charged with.

After your initial appearance you will be set for an arraignment. The arraignment is a formal process in which your attorney or the court will enter a not guilty plea on your behalf.

After the arraignment your case will proceed through the court to a possible trial. The time between the arraignment and a potential trial is a crucial period in which your attorney will review all documents and facts related to your case, watch body cam, interview witnesses, hire experts if needed and conduct a thorough investigation.

We have the experience to aggressively defend you! We will work together with you to provide a personal service you won’t find anywhere else in Arizona.