Zachary J. Thornley

Zachary J. Thornley

Trial Attorney

Mr. Thornley is competitive at heart and his desire not to be beaten in the courtroom has resulted in many demonstrated successful outcomes. His drive is your benefit, whether it is a not guilty verdict in criminal matters or judgments in a clients favor in civil proceedings.

Mr. Thornley is an established and respected attorney based in Phoenix, Arizona, known for his commitment to providing attentive legal representation tailored to his clients’ individual needs. His legal experience spans practice areas, showcasing his versatility and commitment to excellence.

His trial experience stems from many hours in courtrooms throughout Arizona before many different judges. Mr. Thornley has earned a reputation as a skilled advocate within the Arizona legal community as well as nationally due in large part to his success in the courtroom.

Mr. Thornley’s years of practice in criminal matters, trials, and contested hearings is also precisely why he can give his clients the best of both worlds in business litigation matters. Often, Mr. Thornley’s courtroom experience overshadows that of other senior civil litigators who may have only seen the inside of a courtroom once or twice in their entire career. When it really matters and your case is either prosecuted or contested, you want the lion who owns the courtroom rather than the feeble sheep looking for the exit.

He brings a practical approach to his representation, whether individuals are facing complex legal challenges or seeking proactive legal guidance, Thornley Law Firm offers a steadfast commitment to providing personalized advocacy and support. Mr. Thornley is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of the legal system with confidence and peace of mind.


• State of Arizona – All Courts

• Federal District of Arizona

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