Homeowner’s Associations

Homeowner’s Associations

Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) are becoming more common with every new subdivision that is built. Especially in the State of Arizona. It has become rare to find property that does not have some covenants or restrictions.

Thornley Law Firm represents both, Homeowner’s Associations and Homebuyers subject to an association.

Homeowner’s Associations face unique challenges in that they serve as a regulatory body seeking to maintain the value of the community. To maintain the value of the community it is necessary to require homeowners keep up their properties and maintain the appearance of their homes and landscapes.

If you need assistance with homeowner compliance, placement of a lien, or foreclosing, Thornley Law Firm can help.

Homeowners often buy a home because they love the look or the layout or the location. Often the last thing considered when deciding when to buy a home is whether there is a homeowner’s association. This can be a huge error to overlook. Prior to buying a home it is essential that a homebuyer read through the Covenant, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs). CCRs will reveal the rules and guidelines of which you will be expected to obey once you purchase the home.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can an HOA tell me what to do with my property that I own?” You are not alone. The answer to the question is complicated. Many laws in the United States come from English common law. When a property owner owns land with no restrictions it is possible for him/her to impose restrictions that run with the land when the land is passed down or sold.

Subdivision Builders will purchase a large piece of land and then subdivide the land into individual parcels. Prior to selling the parcels the builder records the subdivision CCRs. Once the CCRs are recorded, any subsequent buyer is on notice that they are subject to the CCR terms.

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With all of the above in mind, it is important to do some research into the HOA of any potential home you may be looking to purchase. HOAs are not without fault. HOAs can overreach at times. If you find that your HOA is not treating you fairly you should contact Thornley Law Firm.

Often negotiations or communication from an attorney can help to avoid full litigation but Thorney Law Firm can provide full representation through a trial if necessary. Mr. Thornley has extensive trial experience and countless hours of time inside the courts throughout Arizona.