Land Disputes Neighbors and Pets

Home Buying Process – Contract Review

In Arizona the average home sale does not involve the use of attorneys. Most if not all the legal paperwork is drafted and negotiated by real estate agents. In some instances, it does make sense to involve an attorney such as when:

  • The property being bought or sold is high end
  • An issue arises during the time window of the buyer or selling process
  • Other legal issues must be overcome in order for the execution of the sale to take place

Mr. Thornley has been an actively licensed real estate agent since 2013 and has been involved in sales into the millions of dollars. He understands the process and knows that often little disputes or issues can turn into heated disputes if they are not handled swiftly in a fair and efficient manner.

Buyer and Seller Disputes

In the course of a home sale, buyer and seller disputes do arise. As an example, a friend recently purchased a home. Home sale rules dictate that fixtures remain in place and must not be removed when the seller moves out unless it was contracted that the seller be allowed to do so.

Fixtures are any object that is affixed to the property such as light fixtures, pool pumps, doorknobs, and TV wall mounts to name a few.

My friend entered his new house on the day of closing only to discover that the seller had removed multiple light fixtures from the ceiling, thereby breaching the contract. After Mr. Thornley got involved, the seller was forced to compensate the buyer for the missing light fixtures.

Mr. Thornley is well versed in the buying and selling process. When you need professional help you can call Thornley Law Firm.

Easement Disputes

Easements are a complicated area of real estate law. If you are thinking of buying a property or piece of land or you have already bought the property or land that is subject to an easement and you want to know what your rights are, Thornley Law Firm can help.

Neighbors and Pets

Noisy neighbors can be a problem. Barking dogs or noise from animals can interrupt a person’s enjoyment of their own property. The law allows for a certain amount of noise. It is unreasonable to expect a dog to never bark, however, when the noise becomes unnecessary, excessive, or unreasonable, the neighbor may be in violation of your right to quiet enjoyment of your own premises.

Land Disputes

When purchasing land there are many considerations to be made. All attempts should be made to determine boundary lines prior to purchasing the property. However, boundary lines sometimes become mixed or unclear and a neighbor can mistakenly believe that part of your property is his/hers. When this happens, you should act quickly to resolve the issue. Adverse possession is a legal construct that allows a person to take possession of the land of another if several factors are met.

As an example, a friend (person A) owned a lot of unimproved land that was in-between two improved lots. One of the improved lots (person B) was having a new fence put up. Person B’s new fence encroached about 5 to 6 feet onto person A’s properly owned land at a length of nearly 100 feet, thereby attempting to take possession of roughly 500 square feet of Person A’s property. Mr. Thornley was consulted and acted swiftly and efficiently by drafting a strongly worded letter to Person B to move their fence or they could face a lawsuit and be subject to attorney’s fees. Person B did willingly move their fence at a considerable cost to them. Litigation was not necessary. If left unchecked, Person B could have eventually had a claim to all of the property they had improperly tried to take.

This example is one of an unlimited number of issues that can arise between parties who both believe to have some claim or right to a property.